Friday, January 25, 2008

Seven Wonders Of The World

A group of students were asked to list what they thought were the current Seven Wonders of the World. Though there was some disagreement, the following got the most votes:

1. Egypt's Great Pyramids

2. Taj Mahal

3. Grand Canyon

4. Panama Canal

5. Empire State Building

6. St. Peter's Basilica

7. China's Great Wall

While gathering the votes, the teacher noted that one quiet student hadn't turned in her paper yet. So she asked the student if she was having trouble with her list. The girl replied, "Yes, a little. I couldn't quite make up my mind because there were so many."

The teacher said, "Well, tell us what you have, and maybe we can help." The girl hesitated, then read, "I think the Seven Wonders of the World are:

1. to touch

2. to taste

3. to see

4. to hear

5. to feel

6. to laugh

7. and to love

The room was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop.

The things we overlook as simple and ordinary and that we take for granted are truly wondrous.

The most precious things in life cannot be built by hand or bought by man. God has provided the true wonders of the world.

And the greatest wonder of all is God's amazing love for mankind in sending His only son, Jesus, to set us free and give us everlasting life.

--Author Unknown

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Human life

As the anniversary of Roe v. Wade passed this week, it sent my brain reeling back to college.
One Tuesday night I was sitting in the Baptist Campus Ministries worship service when I felt an overwhelming urge to pray for a friend of mine. I thought to myself that I would do so — after the meeting. I tried to push the feeling aside but could not.
I stepped out into the entranceway trying to figure out what was going on.
I went to a room we had set aside for prayer and began to lift this friend up. I don't know how long I prayed.
I called and left a message for my friend and began to pray again.
Later, when I talked to her about that night, she shared with me a story of heartache that still deeply influences me today.
When she was in high school she got involved sexually with a fellow classmate. She conceived a child and had an abortion. For years (it had probably been about four years) afterwards, that decision created an emotional roller coaster for her. It influenced her self esteem, her relationship with others.
I don't know where this woman is now, but I still pray for her. Having an abortion is not as easy as the doctors and clinics make it out to be. They don't warn of the lasting effects on a person.
Please pray for more awareness about what happens during and after an abortion.
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  • Friday, January 18, 2008

    Weight Watchers points

    While I was in South Carolina I learned a lesson in Weight Watchers math. If you eat a serving of Progresso soup, it is 0 points. Each can of soup has two servings, however, and this proves too much for my brain. In Weight Watchers math, 0 + 0 = 1. If you eat the whole can of soup, a whopping two servings, it is 1 point. How does that work?
    Both of my lunch companions I was discussing this with shared the reason: the S.C. public education system. I couldn’t believe it ... usually Alabama is the first to get blamed for that kind of stuff.

    Monday, January 14, 2008

    Beauty of Scripture

    One of my professors, Dr. David Alan Black, posts online occassionally. Today I was looking around the web and found his recent post. I thought it was a wonderful testimonty about the beauty of God's Word. In his post, Dr. Black also talks about God's creation and shares photos. I am sharing a photo from a recent flight from Birmingham to Raleigh that I thought was a wonderful painting by my Father.
    Click on the title above to go to Dr. Black's post. His web site can be found at: