Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Too involved?

Sometimes, the church members get a little too interested in the lives of their ministers. A recent story out of Mississippi demonstrates what I mean.
A member of a Baptist church was bragging about her pastor and his girlfriend. She thought this young lady would make a fine pastor's wife.
So this industrious woman, on the advice of a friend, decided to make a motion at the next business meeting that the pastor propose.
Thankfully, she asked the pastor's opinion first. He had already bought a ring but hadn't determined how to ask yet.
“Don’t do that. It’d scare me to death,” he initially responded in the article.
But later in the week, he changed his mind.
During the meeting the group was recognizing the pastor for Pastor Appreciation Day; the lady made the recommendation and the motion passed.
The girlfround thought it was funny but didn't realize it was real.
She did accept and the couple will be married next year.

So, readers, how involved is too involved? Is this a sweet story or a sign of busybodies in the church?

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