Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Study hard

One of my favorite verses to use in college was in Ecclesiastes (12:12b to be exact): "Of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body."

I should say misuse when it came to this verse, because I used it to be lazy. I'd get the least bit tired and say, "well, study DOES weary the body. I guess I need to quit."
This photo of a stack of books was every book I used this semester for class, not including library books and some personal reference books from my collection. Did I mention I only had three classes, well, technically I had four, but the fourth didn't count for anything. I just had to read the book and take four tests. Yippee!
I will definitely have three classes next semester, and no faux classes.
While this Ecclesiastes verse is true, you have to be wise in applying it. You need to spend the appropriate amount in study and prayer, as in most things in life ... too much is not a good thing and too little, well ... it isn't a good thing either.
I know that was eloquent, but it is the truth.
I've been finished for a few days not and my brain feels relieved. I am carrying my Hebrew with me in the hopes that I will go over my vocab and get started on my homework.
Please pray for time management, safe travel and some good times with my family.

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