Sunday, November 02, 2014

Day of prayer

Today at church my pastor really focused on the issues going on in Houston with the mayor issuing subpoenas and talking about persecution in America. I am thankful America has much more freedom than many other countries. We may not have these freedoms much longer. So many in leadership are working toward the best for society ... at the expense of personal freedoms.

There are pastors and church leaders in prison suffering for sharing their beliefs about the One True God.

I am sorry that things in America took center stage today as opposed to our brothers and sisters suffering elsewhere. I feel that the Houston topic should have coverage but I am praying today for the persecuted in Iran, North Korea, China and other places. I am praying for the uprising in Burkina Faso and for those in the path of the lava in Hawaii

I also pray for orphans ... there are so many children who do not have parents and struggle for basic needs. I have friends who serve with orphan placement organizations who are trying to help meet some of the kids' needs.

I am praying for a friend who is spending the last days of her father's life saying goodbye. While in mourning already, she is trying to serve him honorably in his last days while also supporting her mother who is saying goodbye to her husband, her lover and her friend.

I prayed today for friends running in Raleigh's marathon as well as the marathon in New York.

The Bible talks about praying without ceasing. How do we do that?

By making everything about prayer.

As my head is pounding, I pray Lord, help me. Lord lighten the pain or take it away. As I drive pray about the soccer mom whose stickers on the back of her car help me to pray for her honor student or that the gospel will be heard while her son plays in basketball at a local church.

While watching the news or even the political commercials that come on so often since the election is Tuesday, I pray for God to end the bitterness. I pray for those running and those helping the campaign. I pray for ISIS' hold to lessen. I pray for people to be open to the gospel.

I pray for my neighbor Donald, a Vietnam veteran whose tough exterior is often hard to get past. He is gruff and often drinking when I encounter him. He gets in my personal space. He complains about everything. He has his reasons for not going to church. He doesn't have a filter so what he says can be insulting ... even if he doesn't mean anything by it.

Lord, help me to speak peace into his life. Lord, help me to confront him with Your Truth. He says He has a personal relationship with you but sees no hope or good in the world.

I pray often ... because I am His, and He hears my prayer.

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