Friday, July 07, 2006

Making idols

I'm currently reading through Isaiah, and God is teaching me so much about His sovereignty.
Today's reading was about making idols. Back then, they made them out of wood and metals, but they were handmade and then worshipped. Man was making an image to worship. Man was also the one creating and giving power to the "idol."
God wants us to worship Him without all the manmade stuff creeping in...
We don't need a manmade idol to worship God. He is all around us. Besides, we can't make an idol to represent Him because we cannot fathom how great He is -- how deep -- how vast -- how massive -- well, you get the picture, I hope.

Other news: I updated my website again after receiving an update from my friends in Mexico. Click on the website link on the lefthand side of this page to take you there. Once there, click on prayer tab and scroll down to view the latest prayer requests and updates from the mission field.

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