Friday, February 29, 2008

Belated love story

I told you I had a story from Valentine’s Day (here) ….
Well, here it is.

As usual for a Thursday I was working but I needed to get some things at the store for a dinner I was hosting Friday night so I left from work about 10 a.m. or so to run to the store. The Valentine’s aisles had been picked over really well and I looked over with amusement at the card aisle:

There was a bunch of guys climbing over each other to get a card (here) for their special someone. I saw no women – they tend to be better at planning ahead (not all but most I know).

That’s when I really started thinking that Valentine’s is blatant reminder that I am single. Many friends and family members over the years – and some complete strangers – have felt the need to share with me over the years my need to get married, to have children.

But I really enjoy being single, most of the time. My friend, Kevin (here and here), a missionary in the Philippines (here), is one of a few people I know that call Feb. 14 Singles Awareness Day.

As I was shopping, I picked up some tulips (here) – one of my favorite flowers, even though I’m allergic to almost everything – as well as some food items I would need the next day.

I went back to work and had a productive day and left work to go to class.

As part of a special treat for our class, Mrs. Cindy Bush, who recently lost her husband L. Russ Bush (here), brought in treats.

Dr. Bush is well-known on campus and in Baptist circles. He was admired by many. I never had him for a class nor had I actually met the man. Mrs. Bush always came into her husband’s classes at least once a semester to bring treats to the students as well as to get to know the students her husband was teaching.

What a wonderful tribute to a life of giving … that even after her husband’s death on this earth, Mrs. Bush chooses to serve others.

May God bless her ministry.

Stay tuned for more stories in the coming days.

Next week I’ll be highlighting the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering (here). I hope to post daily blogs to highlight missionaries who are serving on the field.

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