Friday, February 08, 2008

Pray for Kenya

From Bert Yates, missionary in Kenya:
Nancy and Bob Calvert have worked for many years with the Maasai.
This is Nancy’s view of how to pray for our local problems and another story of how Kenyan Christians are responding as God’s ambassadors:
  • Please continue to pray for peace in this country…the larger issue is the tribal strife that is building in the hearts of the common man. Even if a conclusive agreement were signed today…the amount of resentment and anger against people from other tribes will take a long time to resolve.
    Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who have been driven from their homes and are living in make-shift crowded camps are asking to be moved to the “ancestral homes.” The problem is that one tribe's ancestral home is often now the home of another tribe. The threat of more unrest hangs heavily in the air.
    Bob has been meeting with Maasai Baptist pastors and they have chosen to help the IDPs by giving firewood, a daily need in the camps. Today, Bob and some pastors filled up the trailer and dropped off a load of firewood for the IDPs at the Tigoni Police Station. The Red Cross and other volunteers were just beginning to hand out the evening meal and needed dry wood to keep the fires burning. They were grateful for the gift from the Maasai Christians.
    This is important on two different fronts. One is to show the love of Christ and give a small testimony. The second is to show that not all Maasai are like those who recently chased other tribes out of a nearby town with bows and swords, but some love Jesus and want to be His hands and feet to the hurting of Kenya. Forgiveness is a choice first, but then can be a l-o-n-g process. This will be particularly true in view of the level of passion, attacks, and retaliation we've seen expressed across the country...We pray God will receive glory in this - only our great God in His power can turn a conflict so devastating and evil into good for His glory.

    Now for an update: The group that made the survey trip to Kisumu returned to Nairobi safely, but exhausted this morning. Pray for them as they process all the information they received and plan their response. Join them in praying for the IDP’s at Mbale (near Kakamega) who have been waiting over a month at a police station for a lorry (large truck) to take them to Nyandaura. Pray for hundreds of IDP’s from Naivasha and Nairobi who are arriving daily into all parts of Nyanza Province. They are not moving into camps, but into the homes of relatives, friends and well-wishers, often swelling households beyond coping abilities.

    Thank you once again for praying and for the assurance that we have lots of prayer power for the new praises and requests we share, Bert Yates
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