Thursday, September 23, 2010

Collecting for Haiti

Time is getting short. Soon I will be on a jetplane for Miami and another to Haiti.

None of the people going is bring checked item unless particular tools are needed. So we have about 3,000 pounds of luggage room which we will be packing Sept. 29 at our last meeting before we leave. Below is a list of things we are collecting:

Lowe's gift cards
Target gift cards
Twin fitted sheets
School supplies
New or used Sunday School material for ages 5-8
Children's or Infant Suspension Tylennol (all generics with acetaminophen are fine too)
True track glucometer strips
Any children's medicines

If you know of any medical personnel that might have access to prescription-strength medicines that they can part with ... it would be really appreciated:
Amoxicillin (especially children's suspension)
Cephalexin suspension (not pills)
Fungal pills (fluoconazole, griseofulvin suspension, ketoconazole)


What will we be doing?

We have several teams going to Haiti with about 40 people in all. We have five leaders to train 25-30 local pastors (of varying denominations) for 2-3 days at the orphanage.

We have a team serving with the children at Canaan Orphanage doing sports, tutoring, etc.

We have a medical team to serve at the orphanage and the mobile medical clinic that goes out beyond the orphanage walls. We also have a dental team.

There's a kitchen team to handle the large number of people we are bringing in (the pastors will be staying with us too). We will be spoiling these kids rotten with love but also special food that they have never have, like chocolate chip pancakes.

We have a media team to record the volunteers as well as to jump in on needed teams.

We have a work crew willing to help with maintenance and other work around the orphanage. We will be taking tools there to leave for future use.

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