Sunday, October 03, 2010

Praying for Haiti

Pack light.

Not allowed to carry more than what I can carry on the plane, my heart is pounding. So much to do before I leave. I ache for the people. Ever since the Jan. 12 earthquake I have been praying off and on for the people there.

I regret that I wasn't praying for them before then.

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. It was the poorest before the earthquake. Afterwards .... just trying to imagine it leaves you speechless.

North Carolina Baptists have responded to many disasters. Haiti is one of them. Teams continue to go in working in various areas but mainly with Samaritan's Purse building temporary shelters and working medical clinics.

Monday I leave for this struggling country. Please join me in praying for the country. I will be traveling with Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

  • Pray for the pastoral training team. They will be training approximately 30 pastors there. What a privilege to train God's workers in-country.
  • Pray for the medical and dental teams. They will be facing some tough sights, smells and sounds.
  • Pray for the kitchen team who have taken on the challenge of feeding the volunteers, pastors, orphans and staff.
  • Pray for the sports, tutoring, VBS team that will be working with the orphans and leaders.
  • Pray for the construction/miscellaneous team that has to be ready for any project that is thrown at them.
  • Pray for the media team, that they will cover what is going on and be able to share the stories of the people there with the people back home.
Thank you for joining with me in prayer for me as well as my fellow volunteers. Please check back to see pictures and videos. I will be trying to update as often as possible.

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