Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 5 in Haiti: Making plans

A group left early to go on a 2-hour hike to a village in the mountain; I didn’t think I could have energy for that and the beach this afternoon with the kids; while I think it would be amazing to watch the sun rise as I climbed a mountain in a foreign country I really want to have some energy to play with the kids at the beach this afternoon.

Isn’t it funny how we make plans?

It was my plan to try to catch up on some work. Little did I know I would injure myself. The group was starting to trickle back to Canaan and I was in our room. They went to eat and I went back inside. I started thinking about packing to leave because we were starting out the next day. I reached for something on the dresser and moved my foot at the same time. My foot touched a slick spot on the floor.

I don’t know what it was. It could’ve been water leftover from a leak that flooded our bathroom and part of my room. It could’ve been bug spray. I usually tried to mop up any spills on the floor, which tended to happen when I was covering my ankles.

When I hit that slick spot both feet tried to correct my balance but resulted in going in two different directions.

The doctor stateside said it is a severe sprain.

It kept me from participating in the beach activities although I did go. I talked with a few of the kids and held some of the younger ones when they were tired. That is a comforting feeling. You just know the little ones are nestling in to the sound of your heartbeat. With your arms wrapped around them, they probably feel a sense of security.

Believers can find security in God. When all else around us is crumbling, the strongest foundation we can find is in Christ.

These children at Canaan Christian Community hear about Christ and other Bible truths on a daily basis as they memorize scripture and study His Word. Many of them seem to have a relationship with Christ. I pray that is a truly personal relationship.

My new friend Jimmy (seen in photo center, in yellow shirt, helping set up medical mumba tent earlier in week) was an inspiration this week. He served as a translator for the dental team. From Port-au-Prince, he came to spend the week with us at Canaan to help out with the big group. We had a great need for translators — at the medical and dental clinics as well as with the pastoral training that went on with 46 Haitian pastors.

Jimmy lives in his car. He has a business repairing cell phones and selling them. A lot of the Haitian people have a cell phone.

He also tries to put Jesus movies in Creole so more Haitians can here of the hope that can be found only in Him.

The house he shared with his parents was badly damaged in the Jan. 12 earthquake. His parents now live in one of the tent cities in Port-au-Prince that have popped up everywhere.

Throughout the week Jimmy worked with the dental team to provide cleanings for all the kids, staff and pastors as well as some walk-ins through the medical clinic. They cleaned a lot of teeth.

There were a lot of Haitians I met who didn’t have much materially. But the joy that exuded from them can only be described through a relationship with Jesus. They thank God in all circumstances.

I hope and pray that I learn this lesson as well.

See photos.

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