Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Day 2 in Haiti: Fortified peanut butter

Last night I went back to my room shortly after a bunch of Haitian pastors arrived on campus. When they arrived, they shook hands with the people meeting them in the cafeteria and began to sing and pray.

While I couldn’t understand a word they were saying I could understand their heart for God. They so desired to get some formal training that some walked up to seven hours to a car to then drive three hours to get here.

Almost 50 pastors are here learning about the Bible, getting better training and receiving encouragement from our pastors that we brought here. They are from various denominations. It is amazing to see

This morning I woke up to the girls singing in the dorm below our room.

After breakfast I went down to the medical clinic where Tuesdays is a special day. Mainly women bring their malnourished children to receive a special paste made up of peanut butter and vitamins. The women are supposed to come every week to get their children the treatment they need.

Medical staff weigh and measure the babies to see where they are and whether they qualify for the treatment. Called medical mumba (Creole word for peanut butter), the clinic drew about 50 patients today not including those who were seen by the other medical personnel.

I did not sleep much last night. I finished up with Internet stuff after 11 and headed back to my room. It took a while to find my stuff to get ready for bed. I was thankful the power was on in my room even though we still didn’t have light in our bathroom. But we have an American style bathroom. I’m so thankful for that!

I spent time in prayer for the day. While it wasn’t a long trip, it seems like we are a long way from home — or the comforts of home. The humidity is definitely high. Everyone is sweating, even when they are standing or sitting still. Our kitchen crew is thinking steps ahead trying to make sure there is enough food for the children, staff, our team and the pastors who are here.

I slept off and on but I am not tired today. Each time I woke up — be it for the wild dogs barking off and on, or the rat scurrying around on or in the roof, or whatever that sound was in my room that I really don’t want to know what it was — I took time to pray and thank God for the many blessings I have.

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