Friday, June 23, 2006

That was easy!
Each time I press my Staples "easy" button, that's the phrase that is voiced! But in life, not too much comes easy. It's easy to let life slide by, let others make our choices, to not do anything. I purposely made the photograph hazy because while many things do come easily, that doesn't mean that we are to do them.
As a Christian, I am called to do something. I am called to share the gospel. There are varying ways to do that, of course, and it depends on the person you encounter. Plus, with different people you have different time frames.
My best advice is to be kind and loving like our Savior. Do not harshly tell someone they are going to hell! That will not make them very receptive ...
I pray that if you are a Christian and are not sharing what Jesus has done for you with others that you would begin. It is scary, but it is something we are all called to do. We are to go and make disciples not avoid people and you won't have to talk about it.
May God be with you and help you through it all.

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